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"Giraffes love dancing" Albina Design

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Сredit:   "Giraffes love dancing " by Albina Design    available @ Digital-crea and @ScrapBird

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" Amazing evening" by Albina Design

NEW  beautiful  kit  " Amazing evening"  by  Albina Design

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Credit: "Amazing evening " by Albina Design  available @ Digital-crea and @ScrapBird

Template "Easy Breezy" Part 6 by Busy Bee Designs

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"Bye Bye Summer Time" by StarLight Designs

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Credit:  "Bye Bye Summer Time"  by  StarLight Designs

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"Time to sleep" by Albina Design

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Credit:  "Time to sleep " by Albina Design  available @ Digital-crea and @ScrapBird

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The Green Tea...a Shabby Collective

 collaboration between: As You Wish, Laura Deacetis, NatashaNaSt Designs, MDesigns, Mystique Designs, Vesi Designs, MaryPop Designs, StarLight Designs, Rakusia Dsigns - Shabby Guest Designer

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Credit: "The Green Tea... " a Shabby Collective

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Credit Tracker by Anna Forrest Designs

Do you hate keeping track of all the supplies you've used?
Struggle remembering every little details?
Don't stress - let this application do all the work for you! Just build your layout as usual and when you're finished get a nicely formatted list of all your supplies and fonts ready to post!
Credits can be formatted in plain text, BB code, or HTML. They can be saved to the file's document info, a text file or in a text layer! Product links and store names can be included if desired. Don't compile a list of credits ever again!

 Also available Credit Tracker for PSE

only 2,5$

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"For a Great Lady!" by Albina Design

NEW gorgeous kit  "For a Great Lady!"  by  Albina Design

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Kit  "For a Great Lady!"  by  Albina Design available @ Digital-crea and @ScrapBird